Once again we thank you for your conscientious hard work, excellent work, your helpfulness and kindness!
You made this nightmare “bearable”.
- Private client
Thanks very much for the appraisal report – I appreciate the quick turnaround and thorough information.
- Private client
Thank you very much.  I was pleased with the service and thoroughness of the report.  I gave my lawyer
your card for future reference.
- Private client
I’d like to thank you for the excellent turn around time for the appraised property.  I sincerely appreciate your
appraisal coming to my attention so quickly.
- Banker comment
We would like to thank you for getting this completed in such short notice.  I have advised my Appraiser
management team of your hard work on getting this completed as a Rush. Thank you.
- Appraisal
Management Company
Thank you for this speedy appraisal.  I really appreciated your efficiency! - Mortgage Broker
Thank you.  This is one of the best appraisals I have seen.  Very detailed.  What areas will you cover for
appraisals?  I would like to use you more often.
- Mortgage Broker
Thank you so much.  That is wonderful service. - Mortgage Broker
WOW!! Very impressive turn around!  Thank you so much for the amazing Customer Service – I really
appreciate the extra effort on this file.
- Banker comment
Thank you so much for the quick turn around and amazing customer service you provided on this deal.  This
was an exceptional situation in terms of our time frame for completion, and I really appreciate that you were
able to work with us on it.
- Banker comment
I would like to thank everyone for the work you’ve done on these two appraisals.  They were fantastic,
complete and I feel reflected fair market values.  With you and your staffs assistance, I have done
something I’ve never been able to do and that is take two deals from start to finish in less than three days
and into funding the following day.
- Mortgage Broker
Thanks so very much for your prompt and extremely fast service, very much appreciated.
- Appraisal Management Company